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November 6, 2015

I have about five half finished blog posts on my iPhone. I sat here tonight and debated which one to complete and publish. The serious one? The funny one? The personal one?

And then I got asked tonight for the third time this week why I started Mum To Five and what my motivation was.

I’ve always liked reading and writing. Since I was a little kid. I learnt I could speed read from a very young age, and devoured books. Then I became a mother, and was in a career that paid peanuts. It was a hard slog living week to week with no financial help from his father. I met my husband, got married and had more kids.

And more kids and more. And one more for good measure, thanks to the kids club in Fiji.

And at the start of this year I thought – I am just about kids. And while they’re fantastic, what do I want to do? The answer was write, and tell people my ideas and thoughts on motherhood. How I hate going to the park. How kids drive me up the wall daily.  I was sick of sitting on mothers forums reading about kids that read at 4 weeks of age and seeing pictures of perfect birthday cakes. I wanted to tell people I feed my kids spag bowl 4 nights a week sometimes and that it was ok to do it.


Even if no one admits it, I wanted to admit it. I already did to my family and friends, but I wanted to write.

So having no clue I got someone to build me a site, and had my awesome friend design me a logo. And I started to write.

Then I decided I wanted to write about things I loved and run giveaways. I had won so much myself I wanted other people to. So I did.

Then the page started growing. And growing some more. And then my site got hacked (lots of times) and I almost gave up. I had no idea about security. Or hackers from the Middle East. And I looked at all the people on the page who were interacting daily, and thought keep going. It was actually my husband that made me continue. I was done after the third hacking of the site. I am so glad he did. I really have no idea when it comes to blogging. Pictures, when to post. What times. And I don’t care – I post and write whatever comes into my head or happens at the time. There’s no thinking or pre planning it or wondering if i should really write that. It just gets posted. Which is very obvious.

And tonight as I was wondering what to post it came to me to write this. That I’m doing something that I enjoy. Finally. I am on so many facebook pages it isn’t funny. It has to be in the thousands. And I can say without a doubt I have the funniest, most interactive, engaging people on here out of them all.

You make me laugh every day.

Thank you x

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  • Reply nicole November 6, 2015 at 9:19 pm

    Thank you for writing and not giving ip. Thank you for your Facebook page and posts and instagram, I love them.
    Also thank you for your giveaways

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