A very special family

August 3, 2015

I met Ricki online on the Huggies mums forum when I was pregnant with number two. At the time she had three children – three boys within 3 years. Erica and her husband were engaged in 1997, six weeks after first meeting. I found her hilarious, she was a straight shooter like me, and when I had my daughter I was online more and more asking for advice. When Facebook became popular in Australia, we created accounts, and I befriended about 5 ladies and have remained Facebook friends with them to this day. Although we have never met in person, I consider Ricki to be a very good friend.


Over the following years I added more children to my family, and Ricki hers – a daughter in 2008, and another boy in Jan 2010. Her birth stories always fascinated me, she produced these whopping babies in ridiculously fast times. In October 2010, Erica had a tubal ligation performed. 5 children, a busy mother and wife. Her child-bearing days were done.

While the family was expanding, Ricki’s marriage was sinking – in early 2011 her and her husband separated, remaining good friends. Ricki reconnected with an old lover – one she had known since her childhood. They had a 6 month-long distance relationship – with Erica living in Victoria, and he in Queensland it didn’t work out.

Mid March 2012 and with 5 children to consider, Ricki and her husband were trying to give their marriage another go. They had remained close, and counselling was discussed to try to work at a reunion. During this time, her appetite increased, and her breasts were hurting. Deciding to do a pregnancy test “to rule it out” Erica waited.

The pregnancy test was a strong positive. Baby number 6 had been conceived, with her former partner, after a tubal ligation, and now she was carrying a baby which was not her husbands.

A termination was weighed up, and an appointment was booked which was never kept. Erica’s husband was fully supportive from day one – through the whole pregnancy. Miracle baby 6 was a beautiful baby boy born on the 6 November 2012 after a very rapid birth.

Erica’s husband held him minutes after he entered the world, he changed his nappies, he fed him. He bathed him, loved him and called him his son, and was rewarded with a little miracle who knows him as his dad, calls him dad and worships the ground he walks on – just like his 5 siblings.


Master R is three this year. A blonde bundle of absolute joy.

A lot of men can make a child, but it takes a real man to be a daddy. One which Erica’s husband has proved 6 times over.


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