An ode to you school holidays…

June 27, 2015

School holidays are here
This mum gives a big cheer
No more morning rush,
Or fights with the hairbrush

No packing of the lunch
Or cutting sip n crunch
No searches for the shoes
While trying to watch the news

But then I have them home
And they start to moan
“What will we do today?”
“Can we have a friend to play”

I organise to go out
Some smile, and some pout
One wants the stupid park.
Another a movie “when it’s dark”


One wants to go ice skating
With a baby? This I’m hating
Why can’t they agree?
Suggest something that is free?

Why don’t they want to rest?
Have a dvd fest?
Let’s just stop and sit
They’re not listening one bit

Movies! Park! A friend!
When will the asking end?
Go play with your brother
Stop annoying your mother.

I had 5 babies so
They’d play together – no?
All they do is fight
All damn day and night

Then they want to eat
Not healthy – “we want a treat!”
“Ice cream with some sprinkles!
No wonder I have wrinkles

The mobile – it starts to ring
Such great joy it brings
“Can I have your kid today?”
Mum shouts hip hip hooray!

This phenomenon, the play date
These I highly rate
If you time them right
They go all day and half the night

“Can I stay at my friends for tea?”
Music to my ears, you see
One less kid at home
To whinge and cry and groan

“Take them all if you like,
I’ll pack food, and their bike
What’s that? You don’t want four?
What’s a baby and 2 more?”

School mums I know you’re here
So listen, be a dear
Make that call, come take the lot
It’s the only hope I’ve got!

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