Dinner time, I hate you

August 7, 2015

Dinner time you’re torture
You are not my friend
The daily trauma I endure
Drives me around the bend

From 3pm each afternoon
I have to think what to cook
You know that I’m no master chef
Even with the best cookbook

These kids of mine love to whine
“What do we have to eat?”
I answer, are they happy?
No all they do is bleat

“I don’t want any vegetables
And nothing that is green
No peas, carrots or broccoli
Mum don’t be so mean!”

“We want spaghetti boglanaise
Every single night
If it’s not that I’m sorry
I won’t eat a single bite”


“I want a vegemite sandwich
And a bowl of plain rice”
Just be honest kids –
To stop whinging, what’s your price?

They eat like wild animals
Food in hair and on the floor
The toddler dumps his on his head
Then screams at me for more

“She got lots more pasta!”
“He took my apple drink!”
My headache is a migraine
I cannot even think

On every single meal
They pour tomato sauce
Chicken, beef and fish
It’s really its own course

When it’s finally over
And they’ve had their fill
The house looks like a war zone
“But mum we’re hungry still!”

“We ate all our dinner,
and now we want dessert!
Ice cream! ice cream! ice cream!”
Their chants make my brain hurt

Here have your ice-cream
Spray that around too
Dinner time, I’ve had it
I really do hate you!

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