“Go back where you came from”

November 17, 2015

Valet parking is a brilliant concept. At our local centre you stop at the doors, they take your vehicle and park it for you. Then you waltz right in and shop, come back and they load your shopping in and you drive off. For the small sum of $10 a pop. I figure most people buy their half-strength, decaf dandelion soy latte when they’re shopping and those are around $8 each? I don’t drink coffee so I’m just using that fund. My husband is arguably the most generous man in the world but for some reason valet parking used to drive him insane. “Park like normal people and save the $10.”

No thanks. 4 kids on my own I’m taking the easy option. I told him I don’t use it anymore which is a lie. I do, at least 1-3 times a week.

Recently he was away and I had 4 of the kids and had to go shopping. I drove around twice and there wasn’t one spot. Well there was a few, but they were next to poles and I don’t do pole parking with the bus. I went straight to the old trusty valet and greeted my parking experts. They know who I am. They know my kids too .

One thing you should know about my area is it’s highly populated with Asian families. We love living here. I have a real soft spot for all my Asian friends. They’re funny, and kind and generous. My daughters best friends are of Asian descent. I love everything about Asia. The people, the food, the culture. My parking gods are Asian too. As soon as I finished my shopping I headed to collect my car.



When I arrived I could see an incident unfolding with two of the staff and a customer. It was heated, and I went to the desk to pay. As I waited one of the staff walked over to attend to me, and the non staff member involved in the incident followed.

“People like you should get back on the boat you came in on and go back there.”

I have a fast reaction time after these kids have shot my nerves to pieces.

“HOW DARE YOU!!!!” I yelled. Loudly.

And before I could really let rip on what I thought of his comment, he looked at me and said “You – you shut up.”


And he scurried off. Like most gutless people do when they’re in the wrong. And he was in the wrong. Not one thing that could have happened in that incident prior to my arriving there warranted that vile response.

Not then.

Not ever.

I don’t ever want to hear those words again.

And the whole time my parking friend stood there like he always does – professionally, and with dignity. I paid and left (bypassing those who has used their coffee fund on coffee and sitting in the carpark waiting to exit) and left. And went home and plastered this incident on my online mothers group in the hope someone who was in the car with him that day would see the post and educate him. On how to be a nice person and not a horrible one. Then I called the shopping centre and gave them his license plate. And I might have said some other unprintable things.

I sat back that night and felt good. I felt good I’d helped my friend, even if he thinks I’m just his customer and not a real friend. He’s mine. And I stand up for my friends.

I’ve got hubby using valet on the odd occasion now. He’s learning. I pretend I don’t use it unless he’s driving. I’ll be paying my parking friends a visit this week and asking them for a favour.

To pretend they don’t know us when he’s with us. I can’t get away with telling him I don’t use valet when they greet us with massive smiles and by our first names now can I?

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    Good for you. Well done

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