Happy 4th Birthday Floyd

June 17, 2016

Darling Floyd,

You were the only child I had to work at to conceive. I was adamant that I would have a 4th child, even though dad took some convincing. We tried for months and nothing. 18 to be exact. Then I downloaded an app that told me when to try and bingo. I call you my iPhone baby.

I was so sick when I was pregnant with you. You were active from early on i just knew you would be a boy. Daddy wasn’t convinced, he thought another girl. You were the only one of your siblings to come early and naturally, one week before your due date my waters broke at 9pm. Labor started the next morning at 5am and at 904am you were here. The doctor raised you up and told me to look what I had, it only confirmed what I had known for 9 months. A perfect 3.5kg boy.

photo[1] (3)

Daddy had told me with your siblings if they had been a boy the name was going to be Floyd. I didn’t like it, and battled with him up till I gave birth to you. Once you were here dad started calling family and friends. Floyd you were. Now I love the name Floyd, it’s awesome and unique, just like you.

You were a big baby and kept growing. You stopped your day sleeps at 11 months: I’d never seen a kid with so much energy. And the stuff you got up to – it’s written in here so you can read them when you’re older and I don’t forget. I didn’t think you would ever stop being a hurricane, every day was filled with so much exhaustion but much more love.

Today is your 4th birthday, and you have calmed down as much as you are going to. I can’t put into words how amazing you are. You are surrounded by sisters, and have the most beautiful sensitive side. You’re the kid who dresses up in fairy dresses while causing havoc. You’re the kid who sits with the little girl at kindy who can’t speak English because you sense she needs a friend. You’re the kid who talks non stop and drives me insane, and you’re the kid who is one of a kind, by name and nature.

Happy birthday my darling, I love you more than you love the Octonauts.


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  • Reply Liz Jackson June 17, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Oh Mum To Five, I absolutely loved every word of this, so beautiful :'( <3 <3 Wishing, fabulous, funny and fantastic FLOYD a very HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY. I hope one day when his older he has the chance to read all the wacky, wonderful and lovely things his amazing Mum proudly shares with all of us. We all love and adore you Floyd sweetie. Have a great Birthday

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