An Interview with Fuck You Friday: aka Far Kew

May 10, 2016

Fuck You Friday has gone from writing posts on her personal Facebook page to a blog with almost 10,000 followers in a few short weeks. She is loud, rude, sweary and tells it like it is. If you are on the receiving end of one of her rants hold your breath: there is no holds barred. Cake braggers, kale, Telstra, Mother’s Day, mums groups and Game of Thrones have all copped one of her tirades. I have known Far Kew for years now, and interviewed her this week:

You’ve become a bit of an Internet sensation overnight – when and how did the Fuck You Friday concept come about?
This whole thing has been a huge happy accident. I started writing really short Fuck You posts on my own Facebook page around Christmas time, because I was sick of all the soppy gratitude crap and the general public were making me murderous in the mall. My friends loved it, so I kept on writing it for a few weeks. Then, I posted a few edited versions in my mums group and the rest they say, is history. Here is the very first rant I ever wrote on the 9th of Dec.

It’s around this time of year that your Facebook feed fills up with soppy gratitude posts and other festive messages of goodwill. They are, quite frankly, boring.
In the spirit of keeping things real (which I am known to do), I’d like to share a message of FUCK YOU for this glorious hump day.

Here goes….

Fuck You to the queue jumping woman in Aldi.
Sure, you might have only had two items to my ten, but you didn’t have to bark that nasty emphysema cough in my face. That awkward silent moment between the check-out guy “Is this actually happening?” and myself was just totally unnecessary.

Fuck You to the old lady in the Post Office.
You huffed and puffed whilst I asked a ten second question in addition to my postage purchase. I felt compelled to apologise because you are my elder and I was taught to respect you, but actually I should have slapped you sideways for being so rude. You might not have much time left, but you might as well be nice before you check out.

Fuck You to the lady at the butcher.
I saw that look. You know it, I know it, we both fucking know it.
It’s perfectly fine to ask a butcher to chop a bone in half that might take, oh, 30 seconds. So wait your fucking turn and shove your chicken maryland up your arse.

Fuck You to the 47 people on their iPhones in the mall.
You are walking zombie-like so I have to almost dislocate my arms to steer my fucked up trolley out of your way. Next time I will run into your achilles tendon and really fuck up your Christmas.

Fuck You to the guy with BO.
Yeah, you. You fucking stink and need to take a shower. It’s over 30 degrees, go and get some fucking Old Spice or Rexona and cover that shit up. You smell like a rotting dog.


It was your rant on getting booted from an online mums group that sent you viral – why do you think so many readers resonated with that post?
I wrote that in about ten minutes when I was fuming about being kicked out of the group for no reason and with no warning. So that was just straight out of my angry brain and into the wordpress site I created a day or two earlier. I had NO idea it would go that mental, it was totally insane for a good 24-48 hours.
I didn’t know what to think! People resonated with it because I think there are a lot of online mothers groups out there that seem to have petty and hypocritical rules, boring old-school mum shit that nobody wants to read and some really crazy, freaky members that make you want to scrape off your face with a peeler. I also think people were shocked that someone would dare to question the status quo. And say a Facebook group had the personality of a sock full of shit. I’ve never even seen a sock full of shit, so I can’t even tell you where that came from. Like I said, I was PISSED!
I think these Facebook groups start with the best intentions, then get overcome with too many people and power tripping admin. The double standards are what I can’t stand. On Facebook and in life.

Speaking of online mums’ groups, I know that you’ve also praised some of the smaller online communities you belong to — what is it about these more intimate groups that have been so positive for you as a mum and as a blogger?
I have some really special ladies that I connect with on Facebook that share a similar sense of humour to me. I don’t feel like such a black sheep in these groups! They “get” me and I can really be myself without fear of bing ridiculed.

While I knew you were no one hit wonder, every week I think to myself how will she top that post? I blog myself and inspiration can be hard at times – yet you nail it time and time again. Where do your ideas come from?
Since I have only been doing this for two months that’s a tricky one to answer. As soon as I had an “audience” I did wonder if I would be able to be funny time and time again. And since I’d called the blog “Fuck You Friday” I had to make sure I had something for Friday! That may have to change, as some things are timely topics like Johnny Depp. Basically the best advice from my friends and family was “Write like nobody is reading it”. So I write it for me. But I do get some of my best material from the shopping mall, everything makes me angry there!

big deal

I once read a comment from a blogger saying “anyone thinks they can become an online influencer these days” My followers influence me, not the other way around: who do you think you’re influencing and how?
I think the key reason that Fuck You Friday has struck a chord with so many is that I say what everyone is thinking. LOUDLY. And without fear. The stuff I write about happens to so many people and the most common messages I receive are people saying “How do you know what’s inside my head every week?.” I believe I am giving people the opportunity to say “YES. That gives me the mega shits!”. That doesn’t mean we are not caring people with gratitude for the opportunities we have. If I lead people to get stuff off their chest and have a little laugh once in a while, then I guess that’s my influence. But there is no clever strategy behind this.

What are your plans for FUF from here on in?
I am hooked on this. I can’t stop now. Though it was never an intention to wrote a blog that went viral (you cannot plan these things) I fully intend to maximise the opportunity to be creative and keep writing because I love it. I am not a trained writer and many people love to pick out the mistakes I make. I don’t have an editor (The Husband sometimes gives it a once over) and I don’t have a team helping me. So what you read is just what I can produce at the time. The haters can suck it. Plus I think I need a good sponsor or two as this is taking up a LOT of my time and at some point I am going to need to figure out how that continues.

I understand that ‘Far Kew’ is your version of Beyonce’s ‘Sasha Fierce,’ the alter ego. What would your readers be surprised to learn about the real you?
Far Kew gives zero fucks. ZERO. She is brash, bold, brave and very fucking rude. The “real” me is a slightly tamer version of Far Kew but I do have a much more caring and softer side. I also shower more than her. When I wrote as me for the Fuck You, Depression post I was heartened that it reached so many others that have struggled or are struggling. Parenting is a HARD gig. So hard. And for every turd who sends me a horrible message I get ten more saying “Thanks Far Kew”. And that gives me all the motivation I need to write the next one.

I can’t wait till the next rant!

You can read all of FUF’s posts on her blog at and on Facebook.

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