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March 18, 2016

As a parent you expect to outlive your children. For some this doesn’t happen. I can’t begin to understand being given a terminal diagnosis or what people who are go through. One thing I am sure is front and foremost in people’s minds when this does happen is ensuring they create lasting memories for their families and especially their children while they can.

it’s about us provides people affected by cancer (most of them young mums) with a platform to create a free digital, template style scrap-book that can be personalised and printed as a beautiful keepsake. With easy-to-use software supplied by Australia’s leading photo book provider, Momento, it’s about us provides the inspiration and ability to capture people’s memories, emotions, thoughts and feelings, through text and photos.. The digital download is free and Memento provide a very low cost fee if the person wishes to print a hard copy of the book.

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it’s about us allows cancer patients the opportunity to release their emotions and allow the cathartic process to take place, empowering them to create something real, relevant and meaningful, whether it’s for personal healing or for a lasting legacy.

Find out more on it’s about us on their website . You can also follow them on Facebook.

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