Kid vs Kid

April 22, 2015

We went to Luna Park on the weekend. Unlimited rides, a kids paradise.

We stopped for lunch which just happened to be right near the side-show games – clowns, shoot a balloon, win prizes.

“I want to do the hammer game” Miss 6 said.

You know the one. Smack an oversized hammer down watch the meter rise, win prizes.

“Me too” piped up Miss 8.

“I’ll pay for you to have a go ” said hubby. “Under one condition. The winner gets to pick whatever they want from the gift shop. The loser – no ice cream for a week. And no prize.”

There’s two things you need to know about my daughters. One is highly competitive with natural ability like her father. The other tries anything and everything and never gives up. Not sure who she’s like.

One would sell her soul for ice cream. Plus her kidneys, and anything else she or the rest of us had to auction.

Not believing what I had just heard, and about to start the “I’ve spent years making sure sibling rivalry doesn’t exist, and how can you pit your own kids against each other,what on earth is wrong with you?” I managed to give him the look from hell –  when I heard a voice.

image“Yep” said one with the look an Olympic swimmer gets on the starting blocks. “You’re on” said the other, already walking off.

I’ve failed I thought, straggling behind as the kids paid the sideshow man. What hope have I got when they’ll compete for ice cream and prizes? What happens when it’s something else they’re competing for? A boy when they’re teenagers? I wasn’t sure who I was secretly going for – the girl who tries the hardest or the one who would make my life a living misery if she lost?

One, who had been conned into going first, raised the hammer and belted it down. Up it went about a quarter of the way.

The second beat her by four fluorescent marks.

Winner was happy. Loser, not as upset as I had thought she would be.

Both got their pick of a prize at the gift shop. I hid behind the aisle listening.

“You do know dad was always going to get us both a present don’t you? If we hadn’t competed we wouldn’t have got any prize?”

“Yes, and we were both going to get ice cream next week too.”

Well played girls, well played.

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    I have a sister and we are very competive ; A great blog… I can so relate.

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