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July 15, 2015

The lack of sleep I got in the first year of my children’s lives was very difficult to cope with. When your little ones can’t communicate to you what is wrong and why they just “won’t go to sleep” it’s up to a game of mummy elimination. Are you hungry? Does your nappy need changing? Are you wanting a cuddle?

One thing I didn’t have to ask myself was is my baby too hot or too cold, thanks to using Love To Dream from birth. The Love To Dream Swaddle Up was used from the first sleep at home, and we moved through the recommended stages until the kids were too big to fit in them any longer.

Winter Warm_LowRes

The biggest benefits I found with using Love To Dream products were:

* Baby could self soothe easily in the Swaddle Up range due to their hands being easily accessible and not locked down by their sides

* The “tog” (thermal rating of garment) rating meant I wasn’t left guessing whether they were too warm or too cold – 0.5 tog for warm weather, 1 tog for everyday use, and the 2.5 tog throughout winter.

* One swaddle/sleeping bag: after dressing I know it is into the swaddle or bag and into bed. I am not left searching for the right blanket or using multiple bed coverings

* easy clean: straight into the washing machine and on the line/in the dryer. I have minimum 3 in each sizing, one on, one washing and one spare.

With the weather being so cold in Winter, there are two Love To Dream products that will keep your little ones very warm during those cold nights.

LTD Winter Warm Laughing legs up_LoRes_8

The Winter Warm Swaddle Up (RRP $44.95) has a built in cosy bamboo blanket quilted into the front garment panel. Acting as a blanket would, it covers your baby’s chest adding extra warmth. Available in Turquoise and White Stripe, the Swaddle Up Winter Warm retains the much loved “wings” of the Swaddle Up Original, and the bamboo filling has anti bacterial and anti-microbal properties that are great for sensitive skin.

The Inventa Sleep Bag (RRP $79.95) has a 2.5 tog rating and comes in three colours – lemon & grey, pink & grey and blue & grey. It offers superior warmth and breathability – the unique design allows you to open or close the vents so you can moderate your child’s temperature without disturbing their sleep. The bamboo filling is lightweight yet incredibly warm, also offering¬†anti bacterial and anti-microbal properties for sensitive skin.

Inventa 2.5 blue lifestyle

You can search for Love To Dream stockists or purchase direct online here, and keep up to date on their Facebook page.

Thanks to Love To Dream I have one of each of the above to give away to two very lucky readers! To enter, click on the link below

Win 1 of 2 Love To Dream Prizes!

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