Mummy Confession 8.0

October 15, 2015

My kids drive me insane. On a daily basis if I average it out. Actually, multiple times a day.

Parenting is loving your kids so much that you would throw yourself in front of a bus to save them, while at times simultaneously feeling like you could put them on eBay. I’d always thought they’d be mutually exclusive. But they’re not. Those two feelings compete for space in my brain every day.


I try to be honest about my parenting journey. Parenting is hard, every day my children test me to my limit and beyond. I believe it is important to be truthful about the trials and tribulations of parenthood. After 5 kids I think I have earned the right to whinge about my children’s behaviour without every sanctimummy passing judgement, or people questioning my love for them. My love for my children is fierce, I love them with every part of me, yet there are times that they drive me to tears.

Of late I’ve been made to feel ungrateful for saying my kids send me crazy. There was the woman who commented who would have 5 kids if they were going to put them in childcare so soon? I’m still trying to work out how you’re meant to know that till you have them. There was the one who commented “you don’t seem to enjoy your kids” and the one who when I said “I didn’t sign up for a kid who doesn’t allow me anymore than 4 hours sleep a night” told me “I’m blessed” to get up to my kids at night.”


And I am. Don’t get me wrong. People don’t breed 5 times unless they love kids, or they’re nuts (I am both) I love my children. I enjoy my children. But my children still drive me mad daily. The difference between me and some others is I admit it.

There’s an endless list of why they’re sending me crackers. They won’t eat breakfast. They can’t find their school shoes. Theyre fighting over a hairbrush. The 3 year old has urinated on the door for the third time that day. The baby is crawling up me like a limbless koala while screaming the house down. They don’t want my gourmet baked beans dinner offering. The toddler is going beserk in Kmart because I won’t buy him matchbox car #46643. The girls are ripping each other’s heads off over a hairband. Their toe nails are sore.

Kids drive you insane. The insanity starts about 35 seconds after you leave hospital with them and lasts until the day you die. The last part I’m guessing – my first is nearly 20 and he still sends me crazy, and I am 40 soon and I know I drive my dad berserk.

So the next time you hear someone say they’re losing it, don’t make them feel inadequate. Don’t put them down by saying “oh no you’re not” Nod and smile as if you understand, even if you don’t. Listen to them vent without judgment. You might just relieve some of their insanity. Better still, be honest and join in.

Because we all know the truth deep down -your kids are the best thing you’ve ever done in life.

They also drive you insane.

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  • Reply sam minshull October 15, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    I think you are a true and honest mumma!!! be proud! if they didnt drive you nuts and wanna put them out the front with a FOR FREE sign! life wouldnt be right! as you know no matter what you would sell youself before anything happens to them! thats parenthood

  • Reply Pamela Singleton October 16, 2015 at 1:50 am

    I follow you because you are honest, and in being honest you are not pushing other young mums to be perfect, They can relate to you and what its really like raising children, Anyone can see how much you love your kids, so don’t ever listen to those that think they Know better. I know one day you are going to make the best mother in law ever, because you understand and you wont judge. You really are an amazing woman, so just don’t change, all those young mums need you to put some honesty and humor in parenting. <3

  • Reply Porscha October 16, 2015 at 3:25 am

    I too am a mum of 5 and I love your honesty. I’m glad that I’m not the only one out there who’s kids send her completely bonkers every day. Don’t let others put you down. Your a super mumma just having 5 kids without being a closet alcoholic ? is an amazing achievement. Keep up with the good work, love reading your blog.

    • Reply MumToFive October 31, 2015 at 12:39 pm

      Thanks Porscha. No alcoholic yet. Give me a few years and it could be on!

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