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September 16, 2015

New research shows that only 3% of Aussie mums would give themselves a perfect parenting score of 10/10. That figure surprises me  – the internet is full of mums I consider “perfect” They are organised, they have a cleaning routine, their washing pile doesn’t resemble Mt Everest.

When I started Mum To Five in February this year, my main aim was to let others know what my life as a mother was really like – the good, the bad but most of all the truth. After reading the statistics, I made a list of my “Practically Perfect” mum moments you don’t see often confessed.

My kids don’t always eat “normal” meals
If they want toast, yogurt or cereal for dinner I let them. At least two or three times a week if I’m honest. Breakfast for dinner is a favourite saying in this house.

I don’t bake
Some mothers can bake, I can’t. I’ve seen lots of Pinterest boards with mumsy creations. My muffins and cakes are purchased from the supermarket. My kids love them.


My house is messy more often than not
With four kids 8 and under the house often resembles a menagerie. And that’s being nice. Dishes pile up, washing piles tip over the baskets. The floors get sticky and beds remain unmade.

The “3 second dropped food rule” has extended over time
I am not sure it ever was 3 seconds. Now it’s whenever it gets picked up. Germs never hurt anyone. Dusting it off is perfectly acceptable.

I may not be the “perfect mum” but I know for a fact my kids think I am, because I asked them. And for me, that’s all I need.
Ski D’Lite is real yogurt, contains real fruit and now has 25% less sugar. In practical terms, Ski D’Lite is perfect – just like you!

To celebrate Practically Perfect Parents I have 2 x $20 Woolworths vouchers to give away.

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