May 5, 2015

I have a confession. The last 6 months I’ve been waiting for Floyd to turn 3. Waiting like someone who has 5 out of 6 numbers in PowerBall waits for that last ball to drop. I thought my life may settle down a tad. It’s not. He’s not.

Remember his “cooby ¬†house” I have in my lounge room? He’s been in it once. One time. He’s launched off the roof several thousand, but what a waste of money that thing was. The windows are now missing as well as the door.

His still likes heights. He climbs on dinner tables, tables out in food courts, cars, trees, you name it, he’s on top of it, and launching off it head first. If he’s not on top he’s under it. Hiding. He loves hiding from me and listening to me try to find him – scaring the day lights out of me. When I can’t see or hear him it means trouble. Usually very big trouble.



We also have a new obsession. Handbags and bowls. The handbags I get, he has two older sisters. The bowl thing I do not. He looks at bowls like I do my sister when she offers to change his nappy – complete adoration. When I googled “bowl obsession” it kept going to “bowel obsession” which is appropriate considering he still won’t toilet train.

After worrying about his lack of speech for months – he now talks, and does not stop – ever. From 630am to whenever I can’t tolerate it anymore he is saying “I have an Octonauts party, you buy me Octonauts umbrella, I love you mummy, I hungry”- repeat 75 million times.

The story for the month though was during a shoe shopping expedition. Off we went to get him a new pair of shoes. I started looking in the toddler section. I picked a cute pair of shoes, as the lady measuring him looks up at us and says “you can’t pick those ones, how old is he?” When I said 2 she looked at me like I was an absolute freak. My two year old has feet two sizes smaller than his sister who is 7 tomorrow. The biggest feet on a two year old the sales lady had ever seen. I’ve been wasting time. I’m turning into a tiger mum and getting that kid in the pool more. My friends have even hash tagged him – #FloydtheFish2028

I have a baby book that has a section to describe your child each year till they’re 5. The one where you’re supposed to write “likes cars, trains, eats well etc. Floyd’s entry for 2 years was filled out this week – “hyperactive, handbag toting, plastic bowl obsessed, launching, loveable flipper footed man-child”

He’s definitely one of a kind…..





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