Sun Sox – Review

October 11, 2015

The weather is heating up, we just got back from our Queensland holiday and Miss 7 was given a pair of Sun Sox to take with her. No child likes burning feet, and it’s a common occurrence during the heat. If we go to the beach, or are swimming in our backyard pool – the sand, tiles or ground can often send the kids to start the hotfoot shuffle.


Sun Sox was created by Candice, a mum who saw a need to protect little feet from the heat and in general. Sun Sox have a UPF 50+ rating, a non slip sole and slip easily and fit comfortably over your little ones feet, protecting them safely.

Miss 7 was given the Periwinkle Sun Sox. She loved the colour, they fit snugly around her feet and she liked walking across the hot poolside while mum ran for her life! The added bonus of Sun Sox is they are not only great for swimming and poolside, wear them at the beach, on flights, at the park, in play centres, sandpits or in your backyard (they’ve been a winner on our trampoline which attracts the heat)


The best part of all? The price. At $14.99 a pair, they come in two colours – the Periwinkle Purple as well as Blueberry Blue. You can buy your Sun Sox online at and keep up to date on the Sun Sox Facebook Page.

There is also a current special – 33% off your Sun Sox by entering code SPRING15 at check out. Hurry before it ends!


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