Weet-Bix Messy Kids: The Block star Kara Demmrich on renovations, mishaps and getting messy

October 13, 2017

The hugely popular Sanitarium Weet-Bix™ Messy Kids Search is on again, this year promising to be messier than ever! The contest kicks off October 9 and closes November 6.
To enter the competition, simply upload a photograph of your child to featuring their messiest food moment. Weet-Bix want to celebrate genuine, tear-your-hair-out parenting experiences, so the messier, the better!

Enter at:

TV personality Kara Demmrich has been quite a busy bee since she and her hubby Kyal burst onto our screens in both The Block and Reno Rumble.

Based on the NSW Central Coast, not only have the pair established their own renovation business Diverse Design and Construct, they’re also first-time parents to their adorable one-year old son Ziya.

Most recently they put their hands up to be the new celebrity ambassadors for this year’s Weet-Bix Messy Kids photo competition which is on now until November 6.

“When Weet-Bix asked us to be involved in their Messy Kids competition, I had to laugh considering Ziya is the epitome of a messy kid at the moment!” Kara says. “Some of the pics we snap of him eating are hilarious. In a similar way, the competition celebrates all of those crazy, classic, messy food moments by asking parents to upload photos of their child’s messiest food moment to be in the running for some great prizes. Last year the competition generated over 3,000 entries and 20,000 votes – and was a huge success.”

Here Kara gives us the low-down on what she’s been up to.

So what are you currently working on?

We’re currently renovating a property we’ve dubbed the “Long Jetty Reno” just 200 metres down the road from where we live. People can check out the progress we’ve made on the home in our online series on We then plan to auction it off when it’s finished.

What’s Ziya like when you take him on site?

Well, I visit the site almost every day with Ziya to help project manage and we have to constantly watch what he’s up to. The other day he started climbing up  a ladder, and yesterday he ended up playing peekaboo with my dad amongst a whole lot of boxes!

As you and Kyle are new Weet-Bix Messy Kids ambassadors, what are some of Ziya’s messy eating moments?

Being renovators we’re used to living and working amongst mess, however it’s nothing compared to the kind of mess a baby can make! Whilst Ziya’s a lot of fun, we’ve had to quickly get up to speed with how a one year old approaches meal times. Which often means the spaghetti bolognaise flying everywhere. He’s also figured out that if he throws stuff on the floor our dog Jonah will eat it, so not much of it’s remaining on the table.

What was one memorable thing from your time on The Block?

One time it was 3am in the morning and Kyal and I were painting like mad in time for our room reveal the next day. I was up on a ladder painting and was so tired I dropped the whole paint bucket on the floor! However, it wasn’t a matter of simply mopping it up. We had laid down bluestone tiles which are very porous and hard to clean before they’re sealed. Kyal had to really scrub and clean the paint up for around one hour until it looked ok. That was an extremely messy moment!

A lot of women feel overwhelmed at the thought of having renovations done, but why is it worth putting up with the hassle?

A renovation is a lot of hard work I’m not going to lie, but it’s worth it because of the end result. Property is such a big industry and renovating is a really good way to invest your money and add value to your home. I also feel a house isn’t really a home unless you put your own special touch on it. The items that are chosen are a reflection of you and your personalty.

Why is it a good idea for women to get involved in the actual hands-on renovation tasks?

One big advantage is that it will save you money which you can then invest elsewhere. A lot of women are often put off by getting their hands dirty but once you try it, it’s actually rewarding. Plus, it’s a bit of a good work out! And once you know how to do some simple things, like how to properly paint, or install a screw, then when it comes to home maintenance this are things you’ll then be able to easily do yourself instead of having to call in a tradie all the time.

As a full-time renovator, how has your work schedule changed since having a baby?

It’s changed so much! For a start when I’ve got Ziya with me it’s not possible for me to physically on a site all the time. Then whenever he’s napping I have to prioritise the most urgent things to do and frantically get them all done within an hour or two. I also do quite a bit at night once he’s in bed. I used to really love being out with the trades labouring for a couple of hours here and there because it’s a good work out. However, that’s not really an option now! Still I’m really enjoying being a mum and am luckily I can combine my work with looking after him.


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